Senior Theses


Title Author Dept Advisor
SPOTLIGHTING THE SHADOWS: Exploring Determinants of Academic and Non-Academic Shadow Education Investment in China and Its Effects on Student Outcomes Huang, Vivien ECO Kapor, Adam
Social Inequalities Made Evident & Exacerbated by Coronavirus: A Qualitative Analysis of How COVID-19 Has Affected the Public vs. Private Sector in the American Schooling System De La Cruz, Paola SOC Conley, Dalton
Power, Lust, and Love: the Impact of Prestige on College Campus’s Sexual Fields Palomino, Kathy SOC Fernandez-Kelly, Patricia
Luke's Thesis: Administrative Impacts on Teacher Satisfaction and the Intention to Leave During Online Instruction Martinez, Luke SOC Goldstein, Adam
The Impacts of Stadium Construction on Local School Districts: An Analysis of 35 Professional Sports Stadiums Colbert, Trevon ECO Kapor, Adam
Education’s Impact on Inequality: A Simulation Study in Colombia and Policy Alternatives Mendoza, Felipe ECO Kapor, Adam
Economic Opportunity and the Meaning of Major for College Students Gray, Trey SOC Robinson, John
Perceived Norms, Diversity Rationales, and Supreme Court Decisions on Diversity Initiatives in Higher Education Admissions Decisions McQuigge, Rachel SPI Sinclair, Stacey
What Are We Doing Wrong: The Need for Policy to Address Black STEM Retention in PWIs. Ajeigbe, Tamilore AAS Guild, Joshua
Unequal Opportunity: An Empirical Approach to the Potential Effects of Tuition-Free Community College Across the United States Buchband, Celia SPI Grossman, Jean
Topic Modeling and Reading Age Prediction on Children’s Book Descriptions Momataz, Khandaker COS Fellbaum, Christiane
Tiger Experience: Gamification of the Princeton University Experience Yi, Justin COS Moretti, Christopher
The Texas Abortion Ban and Title IX Plans: Institutional Support for Pregnant and Parenting Community College Students Hernandez, Millie SPI Mann, Anastasia
Stoic Social and Emotional Learning: A Classical Vision for 21st Century Public Education Treadway, Emma CLA Padilla Peralta, Dan-El
Rethinking the Way L2 Language Learners are Taught Language: An Analysis of Japanese Vocabulary Frequency List Change and Study of Extensive Reading Cuenca, Grace COS Fellbaum, Christiane
Reading Blindfolded: American Classics and Racial Socialization in Education Brazeau, Julia ENG Smith, D. Vance
The Quest for Community Control: Education, Black Power, & the Lessons of Harlem and Oakland for Liberatory Education Reform Houser, Maya SPI Wailoo, Keith
PRIMARY SCHOOL RADICALS: Nationalism’s Role in Driving Political Narratives in Spain’s History Textbooks Chelli, Rebecca SPI Neilson, Christopher
The Origins of the School-to-Prison Pipeline: How NYC Public High Schools Perpetuate Systemic Violence and Funnel Black and Latino Students into the Prison System Torres, Daisy AAS Murakawa, Naomi
“One of the Greatest Things America Has Done For Us”: How the Works Progress Administration’s Education Policy Aided Black New Yorkers in the Great Depression Shvets, Brianna SPI Jacobs, Meg
Learning in a Pandemic: An Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 And Subsequent Public Health Measures On SES-Related Disparities Regarding Educational Attainment for Elementary School Students in the United States Cvetanovic Aguilar, Nikolas SPI Kahn, Laura
An Intersectional Policy Perspective on Sibling Gender Composition and Women’s Educational Attainment Moriarty, Emma SPI Grossman, Jean
FOR STUDENTS LIKE ME Evaluating the Role of Information Acquisition in School Choice: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Brazil Marques, Catherine ECO Neilson, Christopher
Examining the Influence of Campus Social Life on College Enrollment Decisions Through the Covid-19 Pandemic Shwarzbard, Aviram ECO Redding, Stephen
The Effect of Undergraduate Student Loan Debt on Labor Market Outcomes Leis-Pretto, Arturo ECO Kleven, Henrik
The Battle of the Prison Systems: The Effects of Crime Type, Gender, and Marital Status on Education as a Proxy for Post-Incarceration Income in Norway Versus the United States Case, Charlotte ECO Ashenfelter, Orley C




Title Author Dept Advisor
Walk the Walk: School Choice Process Consistency in Large U.S. Public School Districts Kloeppel, Lucy SPI Jennings, Jennifer
Texas, Trump and Truancy: The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Student Absenteeism Riggs, Isabel SPI Mann, Anastasia
Solving the Soft Power Gap: A Strategic Approach to U.S. International Student Recruitment Foo, Julius SPI Coven, Martha
Navigating Home: examining rural students and their college choices in an age of college undermatch Chastulik, Kelton SPI Grossman, Jean
Language and Power in Mental Healthcare: Developing a Mental Health Literacy ESL Curriculum for the Trenton Spanish-Speaking Community Moore, Cierra SPA & POR Salcedo Arnaiz, Daniela
Investigating the Relationship between Head Start Attendance and High-Risk Alcohol Consumption Behaviors Lu, Nancy ECO Heller, Sara
Instituting an Antiracist Public Policy Curriculum: An Investigation of Faculty Professional Development that Makes Imagined Racial Equity and Inclusion Possible Stallworth, Jordan SPI Katz, Stanley
The Impact of Female Genital Mutilation on Female Students' Educational Outcomes. Evidence from Kenya. Muindi, Lily ECO Kolesar, Michal
The Impact of Admission and Financial Aid Policies on the Percent of Under-Represented Minority (URM) Students at the Top Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States Lopez Miro, Harley SPI Neilson, Christopher
Voting 101: What Universities Can Learn from the COVID-19 Pandemic about Increasing Student Voter Turnout Parish, Emma SPI White, Ismail
Under-Fueled and Under-Supported: Addressing a Policy Void to Prevent the Female Athlete Triad and Bolster the Promise of Title IX Doyle, Mittie Grace SPI Howard, Heather
Ready or Not, Here It Comes: American School Districts’ Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Guerci, Eric SPI Massey, Douglas
Elite Education for Female Students: An Empirical Analysis of the Sources of Gender Disparities in Attending Japanese Elite National Universities Yuri, Shiina SPI Jennings, Jennifer
Who Belongs? An Analysis of Student Identity and Sense of Belonging at Elite Higher Education Institutions Kim, Daniel SOC Salganik, Matthew J
A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Examining the Relationship Between Risk-Sensitive Learning and Anxiety Qoshe, Livia NEU Niv, Yael
Perfectionism, Implicit Theories, and Parental Relations: Implications for Mental Health in Asian American College Students Baek, Jenny PSY Sinclair, Stacey
Opening the Conversation on Changes in Student Mental Health and Productivity in the COVID-19 Shift to Virtual Instruction Kalati, Shir COS Wayne, Kevin
Moving beyond "nouns in the lab": Using naturalistic data to understand why infants' first words include uh-oh and hi Casey, Kennedy PSY Lew-Williams, Casey
Modeling how unique childhood experience impacts the representational structure of frontal and parietal cortex Chen, Shannon NEU Gomez, Jesse L
“Little Brain”, Big Role: Associations between cerebellar volume, neocortical thickness, cerebellar-neocortical covariance, and symptomatology in Autism Spectrum Disorder Steele, Kara NEU Wang, Samuel S.-H.
Ivy Embassy: Building a Platform for International High School Students to Connect with College Undergraduates in the US Park, Raymond COS Moretti, Christopher
Investigating the Relationship between Head Start Attendance and High-Risk Alcohol Consumption Behaviors Lu, Nancy ECO Heller, Sara
Infant Visual Habituation Based on First-Person Exploration Brace, Charlotte PSY Emberson, Lauren
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Childhood Vaccination Coverage in the United States: A study using mathematical models to explore measles dynamics in New York State following the COVID-19 pandemic Harris, Amanda EEB Levin, Simon
“I Don’t Need to Be Here:” How Parents Negotiate Identity After Mandated Parenting Classes Bolin, Kaitlyn SOC Desmond, Matthew
“I didn’t need to suffer”: The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Contraceptive Decision-Making of College-Aged Women Carmen, Morgan SPI Armstrong, Elizabeth M
A Flood to Destroy All Flesh: How Noah’s Ark Becomes Children’s Literature Choi, Lydia ENG Rivett, Sarah
A Far-Reaching Ripple Effect: The Impact of Middle Schools on New York City Specialized High Schools Admissions Lee, Victoria ECO Neilson, Christopher
A Family Affair: Examining Perceived Parental Stress Levels and Involvement In Their Child’s Education During In-Person, Hybrid, and Remote Learning Rafter, Emma PSY Cooper, Joel
Early Life Stress Primes Future Stress Susceptibility via Epigenetic Priming in the Brain Chen, Andy NEU Peña, Catherine J
Classroom Visual Assistant: A Tool to Help Visually Impaired Students See Lesson Material in the Classroom Zeng, Haley COS Kaplan, Alan
Characterization of Hippocampal Social Memory Circuitry in a Mouse Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder Associated Behaviors Moreno, Sara NEU Gould, Elizabeth
Capabilities Justice in Education: A Defense of Inclusion for Students with Cognitive Disabilities Sanchez, Lauren POL Patten, Alan
Young, Gifted, And Black: An Analysis Of The Long Term Outcomes Of Gifted & Talented Programs By Race And Socioeconomic Status Cohen, Krystal SOC
Jennings, Jennifer


Title Author Dept Advisor
Educational Progression or Regression? An analysis of the varied reactions to school choice policies in New York City Donahey, Megan SPI Flaherty, Martin S
Educational Inequality and Opportunity: The Effects of Secondary Education Expansion on Educational Attainment in the Philippines Mojados, Jona SPI Jennings, Jennifer
The Education Gender Gap: How Parent/Child Reading Trends and Parent Academic Expectations are Impacted by a Child’s Gender Nolan, Taylor SPI Jennings, Jennifer
A Crisis of Education: Female Secondary School Enrollment and Completion through the South Sudanese Civil War Lewis, Katrin SPI Paluck, Elizabeth, Kirkland, Patricia A
American Dream Turned American Delusion: High School Mathematics Education for an Idealized Workforce Valek, Dayna SPI Mann, Anastasia
Does Every Student Succeed? Is No Child Left Behind?: The Impact of Federal and State Power Through the NCLB Act and ESSA on Educational Inequity Park, Allice POL Kirkland, Patricia
“Your education is the one thing that no one can ever take away from you”: The Shaunak Family’s Itinerant Education and the Challenges of a Postcolonial World Henderson, Sadie HIS Prakash, Gyan
The Impact of Vocational Education on Students’ Academic Outcomes: Evidence from the Dominican Republic Haegg, Isabella ECO Neilson, Christopher
The Enduring Legacy of a Hawaiian Princess: Preserving Hawaiian Voice at The Kamehameha Schools Guthrie, Jeffers HIS Kreike, Emmanuel
The Efficacy of a Princeton University Education In A Deteriorating World Scott-Young, Ellen ANT Himpele, Jeffrey
The Effects of the Immigration and Nationality Act’s Immigrant Boom on Public School Expenditure in the United States Cruz, Abelardo ECO Risch, Max
The Effects of Collective Bargaining Agreements on Student Educational Outcomes in Colorado Public Schools Rogers, Maria ECO Kleven, Henrik
The Effect of Desegregation on Academic Performance: Evidence from Huntsville City Schools Katyal, Saahil ECO Bruhn, Jesse
The East in the West: Understanding China through the Lens of Chinese International Students in the United States Hsu, Irene SOC Duneier, Mitchell
The Disconnect between Economic and Socio-Political Development: Foreign Influence in the Education System of Ceylon through Independence De Silva, Marisa HIS Laffan, Michael
Subsidizing Sesame Street: An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Pre-K Access and the Abortion Rate Endres, Erin ECO Zidar, Owen
Slavery, Childrearing, and Education in the Roman Empire Traudt, Kirsten CLA Padilla Peralta, Dan-El
SHOW ME THE MONEY: Policy Options for Compensating NCAA Student-Athletes for Their NIL Rights Milligan, Molly SPI Cameron, Charles
Schools' Advance: Teacher Evaluation in New York City Bateman, Jason SPI Jennings, Jennifer
“School Can Wait”: A Qualitative Analysis of Student Experiences With Leave of Absence at Princeton University Ward, Katie SOC Duneier, Mitchell
RACE, STRATIFICATION BELIEFS, AND MERITOCRACY IN EDUCATION Testing for Status Threat through Disapproval of Affirmative Action Programs Agwedicham, Himaayah POL Valenzuela, Ali
Price and Demand for Higher Education: How College Tuition Fees Affect Major Choice Among Sociodemographic Groups Hopcroft, Jonny ECO Reichman, Nancy
“Out with the old and in with the new”: The Elimination of Fraternities at Williams College and the Consequent Implementation of Coeducation, 1957-1970 Bowen, Sarah HIS Zelizer, Julian
No Place Like Home: A Qualitative Analysis of the Experience of Homelessness and Housing Instability Among College Students Calhoun, Kelli SOC Desmond, Matthew
No Education Without Representation: Analyzing New Jersey Charter School Websites and Their Effect on English Language Learner Enrollment Zivkovic, Nicole SPI Mann, Anastasia
Multimodal Infant Statistical Learning Carrasco, Veronica NEU Emberson, Lauren L
Mobile Dentistry and Chronic Absenteeism-A Dental Health Solution to Improving Education Quality and Student Performance Outcomes Chou, Coco SPI Edin, Kathryn
Minimum Wage Effects on First-Generation Students Lam, Jonathan ECO Derenoncourt, Ellora
Majmuk in Practice: Intergroup Contact for Prejudice Reduction in Malaysian Schools Wee, Jason SPI Paluck, Elizabeth; Coman, Alin
Limitations within the Margins: The Development of Educational and Occupational Aspirations of Black Male Student-Athletes Desire', Tyler SOC Desmond, Matthew
Legislative Lessons: An Analysis of State Anti-Bullying Interventions and their Effects on Student Outcomes Ott, Olivia SPI Jennings, Jennifer
In a State of Recovery: A Study of Ohio’s Response to the Opioid Crisis Through the Lens of Education, Child Welfare, and Data Policies Hillenbrand, Julia SPI Nelson, Timothy
Implicit Bias Training and Servicio Social: A Comparative Analysis of Medical School Curricula in the United States and Mexico Vera, Katya ANT Oushakine, Serguei
“If Education Works, Society Works”: An Analysis of Teachers’ Preparation to Meet Syrian Refugees’ Educational Needs in Lebanon MacManus, Natasha PSY Paluck, Elizabeth; Shafir, Eldar
Give Me Choice or Give Me Death: The Impacts of Neoliberalism on Michigan's Public Education and the Consequences of Competition at All Costs Keller, Micaela POL Macedo, Stephen
Geospatial Effects of Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries on High School Academic Performance Miller, Kobe ECO Reichman, Nancy
Gender, Academic Self-Confidence and Parental Pressure: Effects on Academic Performance and Well-Being of South Korean Students Park, Hayoung ECO Noonan, Kelly
Foster to Code: Increasing Equity in Computer Science with Psychological Interventions and Active Learning Environments Nguyen, Catherine COS Fish, Robert
Every Trick in the Book: Children Simultaneously Learn Multiple Dimensions of Information During Shared Book Reading Breitfeld, Ellie PSY Lew-Williams, Casey
Educational Progression or Regression? An analysis of the varied reactions to school choice policies in New York City Donahey, Megan SPI Flaherty, Martin S
Educational Inequality and Opportunity: The Effects of Secondary Education Expansion on Educational Attainment in the Philippines Mojados, Jona SPI Jennings, Jennifer
The Education Gender Gap: How Parent/Child Reading Trends and Parent Academic Expectations are Impacted by a Child’s Gender Nolan, Taylor SPI Jennings, Jennifer
Deferred Dreams: Examining the Effect of Student Loan Debt on American Entrepreneurship Levy, Brandon ECO Ashenfelter, Orley
A Crisis of Education: Female Secondary School Enrollment and Completion through the South Sudanese Civil War Lewis, Katrin SPI Paluck, Elizabeth; Shafir, Eldar
Conservation in Conversation: A Conservation Curriculum for Secondary Schools in Laikipia County, Kenya Ibrahim, Nourhan EEB Wilcove, David
Connecting Voting and Market Models: A Computational Social Choice Perspective Noarov, Georgy MAT Braverman, Mark
An Empirical Test of the Expectancy-Value Theory of Motivation in Explaining the First-Generation Achievement Gap Rogers, Haley PSY Haushofer, Johannes
American Dream Turned American Delusion: High School Mathematics Education for an Idealized Workforce Valek, Dayna SPI Mann, Anastasia
A Polysemous World: An Examination of Polysemous Word Learning in Toddlers Cay, Mariesa PSY Lew-Williams, Casey


Title Author Dept Advisor
Closure & Afterlife: Reimagining Shuttered Schools in Chicago Perez, Rae ARC Boyer, Christine; Shkuda, Aaron
Coding with Conviction: Writing a Computer Science Curriculum for Incarcerated Individuals Heicklen, Ricki CS Moretti, Christopher
Educating Educators: Training Teachers to Teach Computer Science Lemkemeier, Sally CS Kernighan, Brian
Failure, Frustration and Growth: Debugging Patterns in Novice Programmers Zhang, Karen CS Leyzberg, Dan
Improving the Odds: Fairness in Tournament Design Zuo, Albert CS Weinberg, Matthew
An Analysis of the Difference in Returns to Education across Income Quantiles in the United States between 1987 and 2016 Casto, Michael ECO Ashenfelter, Orley
Better Late Than Never? Income-Based Repayment and Its Effects on Individuals and the Economy Glenn, Rachel ECO Bachas, Natalie
White Flight from Asian Immigration: Evidence from California Schools Tseng, Tammy ECO Boustan, Leah
Diversity in Higher Education: How Public Funding Alters Educational Outcomes for Racial Minority Groups King, Mackensey ECO de Gortani, Alonso
An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Construction Expenditures on Educational Attainment in the United States Wylie, Matt ECO Dinerstein, Michael
Germany After the PISA Shock: An Empirical Analysis of Reforms to Secondary Education Warnick, Taylor ECO Jarosch, Gregor
The Effect of Minimum Wage on School Enrollment: Analysis Using Matched CPS Data Liu, Betty ECO Kapor, Adam
Is Undergraduate Loan Debt Determining the Futures of Recent Graduates? A Study of the Impact of Student Loans on Graduates' Decisions to Pursue Further Education Smith, Ryan ECO Kolesar, Michal
Different Structures, Different Outcomes: An Empirical Study on the Effect of School District Structures on Equity in Student Achievement Across the United States Hall, Luke ECO Mountjoy, Jack
Return on Investment: The Impact of District Expenditure on Student Achievement in New Jersey K-12 School Districts Caceres, James ECO Redding, Stephen
The Effect of High School Social Capital on College Graduation and Civic Engagement in Adulthood Rojas, Maria ECO Reichman, Nancy
Investing in Soft Skills: The Effect of Maternal Education on Child Noncognitive and Cognitive Outcomes Sudduth, Zoe ECO Reichman, Nancy
Education Through Athletics: Intercollegiate Athletic Reforms and the Making of the Student-Athlete in the 20th Century United States Attea, George HIS William Schultz
Differences in Inter-Individual Neural Synchronization and Social Behavior in a Mouse Model of Autism Tao, Lawrence NEU Buschman, Timothy
Take Two: Alternative Treatments for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Lynch, Rhoda NEU Ghazanfar, Asif
The Neural Underpinnings of Learning During Joint Book Reading Cohen, Ariella NEU Lew-Williams, Casey
Observational Learning: Examining Behavioral Repertoires and the Effects of Genetics and Environmental Enrichment Aguiar, Patricia NEU Wang, Sam
School Zone Scramble: How Beijing's Changing Education Policy Impacts Housing Prices Wang, Catherine ORFE Carmona, Rene
Identifying Effective Mechanisms to Reduce Teacher Attrition Rates: A Study of New York City Public Schools Goh, Andrew ORFE Massey, William
Bridging The Gap: An Analysis on the Effects of Affirmative Action on Minority Graduation Rates Osemeha, Nathan POL Valenzuela, Ali
Substantive Rights Retained: A Constitutionally Protected Right to Education McKenzie, Dawson POL Whittington, Keith
No More Thoughts and Prayers: How the Media and Public Influence Policy After a School Shooting Waslawski, Kaitlyn POL Wright, Lauren
Think Big: Counteracting Academic Stereotype Threat via Self-Affirmation and High Construal Level Thought Paynter, Hannah PSY Fiske, Susan
Contextualizing the Cross-Situational Word Learning Task Friscia, Sonia Ann PSY Goldberg, Adele
Navigating Through the Noise: Infants’ Ability to Associate Language with Speaker Marayati, Naoum Fares PSY Lew-Williams, Casey
The Bilingual Language Learning Experience: An Investigation of the One-Parent-One-Language Strategy in Bilingual Toddlers Ortiz, Diana PSY Lew-Williams, Casey
Effects of Appeal on Preschool Children’s Comprehension of Educational Stories Schatz, Jacob PSY Lew-Williams, Casey
Exploring the Psychology Behind the STEM Gender Gap: Correlations Among Mindset, Math Anxiety, and Stereotypical Beliefs About Women Notaras, Charlotte PSY Paluck, Betsy
Diversity and Inclusion: The Effect of a School’s Emphasis on Diversity on Feelings of Belonging and Inclusion Among Ethnic and Racial Minority Students Scott, Lindsey PSY Shelton, Nicole 
When the Beat Drops: How Tempo Variation Influences Attention and Working Memory Chen, Stephen PSY Taylor, Jordan
Education Through Athletics. The experiences of student-athletes at Princeton University. Ivanisevic, Stefan SOC Duneier, Mitchell
When It Rains, It Pours: Outcomes of Hurricane Harvey on Displaced and Vulnerable Children in Houston, TX Fechter, Maris SOC Hendi, Arun
Just Trying to Give My Child the Best: A Case Study Analysis of Homeless Families Navigating School Choice in New York City Burton, Jasmeene SOC Jennings, Jennifer
The Determinants of Public School Closures Kabambi, Keren SOC Jennings, Jennifer
Sense of Belonging: An Analysis of the Underrepresentation of Women in STEM Davis, Caroline SOC Stewart, Brandon
Women who Code: An Analysis of Engagement Programs for Women in Computer Science Miles, Grace SOC Stewart, Brandon
Bilingual Education's Impact On Intergenerational Transmission Of Educational Attainment Moraes, Kitty SOC Stewart, Brandon
The Effects of Identity, Language Use, Language Ideology. and their Level of Congruency on Language Policy Preferences and Reaction to Policy Outcomes in Ukraine Rodan, Dean WWS Beissinger, Mark
When in Doubt, Sit Them Out: A Review of State Return-To-Play Legislation and Concussion Mitigation Efforts in Youth Football Ramsey, Trey WWS Cameron, Charles
You Are What You Eat: How School Lunch Policies Can Promote Healthier Eating and Lower Childhood Obesity Hirshberg, Isabel WWS Coven, Martha
Social Mobility with Chinese Characteristics: How the Hùkǒu System Perpetuates Inequality of Opportunities for Migrant Children in the People’s Republic of China Finley, Marina WWS Flaherty, Martin
The Conditional Gift: Charles Koch's Philanthropy and the Threat to Academic Freedom Attard, Meaghan WWS Fleurbaey, Marc
School's Out: An Analysis of Afterschool Sports Programs Lal, Nikhil WWS Grossman, Jean
School Marketing, Admissions, And Accessibility: A Mixed-Methods Study of High Schools of Choice in Washington, DC and London, UK Allen, Rachel WWS Jennings, Jennifer
Sectoral Interests: Factors Affecting the Uneven Distribution of Experienced Teachers Across Charter and Traditional Public Schools Ennis, John WWS Jennings, Jennifer
Closing the Gap: The Effects of Washington D.C.’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program on Children’s School Readiness Wu, Nick WWS Jennings, Jennifer
The influence of intergenerational gaps between teacher and student on student achievement: implications for the Second Career Teachers Initiative in Korea Cho, Yongmin WWS Kapor, Adam
Let’s Talk about Resilience: An Analysis of Factors Contributing to the Declining Resilience in Today’s Generation of Hong Kong Adolescents Lau, Tiana WWS Lockheed, Marlaine
“There and Back Again?”: Obstacles to the Prospect of Married Women’s Transition into Higher-level Degree Programs in Bangladesh Orchi, Tazz WWS Lockheed, Marlaine
Is Escuela Nueva a Solution for Educating Conflict-Affected Children? Walcott, Mikal WWS Lockheed, Marlaine
An Apple From The Teacher: The Role of Schools in Addressing Child Food Insecurity In the United States Daniels, Amarra WWS Markman, Lisa
With Universal Service for All: Broadband Internet Access and Adoption in Rural High-Cost Areas Hsu, Oliver WWS Mayer, Jonathan 
Externalizing Externalities: Social-Emotional Skills, Neighborhood Effects, and Intergenerational Mobility for Disadvantaged Children Balson, Alan WWS McLanahan, Sara
Growing Up Fragile and Achieving Despite the Odds: A Longitudinal Study of Material Hardship on Adolescent Academic Success McKenzie, Bria WWS McLanahan, Sara
Property Taxes and the American Dream: New Discoveries Chaudhry, Hamza WWS Mian, Atif
Intergenerational Mobility in Germany: Trends and Political Consequences Ellis, Benjamin WWS Mody, Ashaka
The Formation of Political Identities Among American College Students Blanco, Amanda SOC Wherry, Frederick
Testing Democracy in education: A Comparative Analysis of Shock Therapy in the Privatization of the New Orleans and Chicago Public School Systems Burton, Jeremy POL Perry, Imani
Tongue-Tied: An Empirical Analysis of Bilingualism and Income in Singapore Chen, Emily WWS Tienda, Marta
Out of the Basement and Living Independently: The Impacts of Future Income and Student Loan Debt on the Housing Choices of Young Adults Choi, Junho ECO Kiyotaki, Nobuhiro
The Successor Representation Model in Human Reinforcement Learning: Using Cross-Stimulus Suppression as an Indicator of Neural Expectation to Detect Signatures of State Evaluation Strategies Chung, Bo-Ryehn NEU Daw, Nathaniel
Costutor: An intelligent tutor for introductory computer science students Clark, Leila CS Lembroso, Jeremie
(In)visible Women: The Experience of Black Female Undergraduates at Three Predominantly White Institutions Cole, Avanthi AAS Benjamin, Ruha


Title Author Dept Advisor
How do Bilingual Infants Process Variability in Speakers? An Analysis of the Effect of Early Language Environment, Talker-Specific Information and Attention in Word Segmentation Craver, Maia PSY Lew-Williams, Casey
Advertising to the Youngest Consumers Curham, Megan PSY Sugarman, Susan
The Effects of Conceptualization of Diversity in College Mission Statements Escalante, Gabrielle PSY Shelton, J
Not All Crime Is Created Equal: Noncognitive Analyses of Criminal Behavior Falck, Kiersten ECO Sviatschi, Maria Micaela
Fear, Fetish, and Façade: The Role of Privilege and Self-Curation in Educational Outcomes Fiechter, Olivia ANT Rouse, Carolyn
A Step for Educational Neuroscience: Exploring the Relationship Between Visuospatial Attention and Handwriting Performance in Children Finkelston, Abby NEU Kastner, Sabine
Reconstruction and Analysis of Mitochondrial Morphology and Distribution in Neocortical Neurons using 3D Deep Learning Foryciarz, Agata CS Seung, H. Sebastian
Cognition Across Sensory Domains: Biasing Predictive Classification of Morphed Multimodal Stimuli through Sequence Learning Gedrich, Evan NEU Buschman, Timothy J.
Examining the Influence of Continuity on Classroom Learning Giordano, Katherine PSY Lew-Williams, Casey
The Development of Public Health in China: An Exploration of Health Education in Chinese Primary and Secondary Schools Goldstein, Julie EAS Borovoy, Amy
Is the Pell Still Tolling? An Analysis of the Bennett Hypothesis and the Pell Grant 12 Years Later Grubbs, Chris ECO Maggie, Andres
Characterization of a Gene Signature Predictive of Response and Prognosis with Conventional and DNA Vaccine-Based EGFR Family Targeted Therapy in Ovarian Cancer Hernandez, Patricia MB Notterman, Daniel
Opioid Abuse Prevention, Harm Reduction, and Recovery Strategies for Colleges and High Schools Hess, Colton WWS Scovronick, Nathan D.
Mood Driven Reinforcement Learning: How Induced Affective States Influence Learning and Memory Hoang, Nicholas PSY Niv, Yael
From Separate, To Equal, To Equitable: The Reconceptualization of School Integration Policies Through the Analysis of Tipping Behavior and Segregation Dynamics Huynh, Carmen WWS Mas, Alexandre
Explaining Cognitive Control Constraints from the Perspective of the Flexibility-Stability Dilemma Jang, Seong NEU Cohen, Jonathan D.
An Analysis of the Association between College Information Source and Density and the College Attendance Behaviors of Low-Income Students Jegede, Tobi WWS Tienda, Marta
Polysemous Word Learning in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Jeppsen, Charlotte PSY Goldberg, Adele
Sequence Processing in the Cortex: An Investigation of the Function of the Canonical Cortical Circuit Kasdin, Jonathan NEU Berry, Michael J.
Uncommon Power from Uncommon Wealth: The Gates Foundation's National and State Level Influence surrounding the Common Core Kerkhof, Delaney WWS Fleurbaey, Marc
The Short-Term Effects Of Fee-Free Secondary Education Policy on Students’ Access, Sorting and Achievement: Evidence from Tanzania Kothari, Jigar ECO Barboni, Giorgia
Brown and Choice: Helpful or Hurtful? An Analysis of the Charter Movement's Place in Segregation Trends Following the End of Court Ordered Desegregation Plans Larkin, Natalie WWS Grossman, Jean
Population Control in China: The Effect of Regional Variations in One-Child Policy Enforcement on Parental Investment in Children Lei, Benjamin ECO Noonan, Kelly
Understanding the Effects of High Jump: A Study of One Chicago-Based Supplementary Academic Enrichment Program for Low-Income, High-Achieving Middle School Students on College Outcomes and Interest in STEM Lewis, Marion WWS Dobbie, Will
"Multiculturalism Used to Be Fashionable:" Theoretical Frameworks of State Support for the Arts and Cultural Diversity in a Liberal State Liang, Lavinia POL Patten, Alan
TouchBlockly: A Tactile Programming Language Based on Free-Form Gestures Lindfield Roberts, Fabian CS Walker, David
Understanding Academic Emotions at Princeton University Liu, Cindy CS Fellbaum, Christiane
Computational Reproducibility and the Fragile Families Challenge: Lessons Learned and Suggestions for the Future Liu, David CS Salganik, Matthew J.
Charter School Proliferation: The Political Challenges of Sustaining Charter School Growth in New Jersey Lloyd, Hilary POL McCarthy, Nolan
Intergenerational Economic Mobility in Great Britain: Traps and Opportunities Lurie, Rachel WWS Mody, Ashoka
If These Walls Could Talk: An Exploration into the Effects of Housing on Child Well-being Maristany, Reinaldo WWS Conley, Dalton
Between Metropole and Colony: Missionary Ideologies and Education Programs in South Africa, India and China Mayerson, Noah HIS Cannadine, David
Automatic Punctuation of Lecture Transcripts & Student Usage Analysis of Video Lectures in Online Learning Platforms Morkos, Ragy CS Gunawardena, Ananda
Sharp Wave Ripple Replay of Hippocampal Cells that Represent a Non-spatial Dimension Nevers, Rhino PHY Tank, David W.
Confidence as an Arbiter of Attentional Allocation during Learning in Multidimensional Environments Newman, Julie NEU Niv, Yael
Immunological Insurgency: Assessing Vaccine Hesitancy in the Relationship Between Pertussis Outbreak, Non-Medical Vaccination Exemptions, and Minority Communities in Texas Onianwa, Christina EEB Leven, Simon A.
Perineuronal Nets in the Hippocampus of Autism Spectrum Disorder Mouse Models Park, Christin PSY Gould, Elizabeth
Effects of Maternal Smoking on Childhood Achievement: A Siblings Approach Park, Mina ECO Rosales-Rueda, Maria
Toward a Pedagogy of Principles: Teaching Ethics In Computer Science Peled, Jasmine CS Feamster, Nick
Certain Responses Matter: Analyzing Factors for Making Recipients Feel Supported, the Responses Taken by Institutions of Higher Education and Effects These Had on Students’ Sense of Support Post-DACA Repeal Notice Perales, María M WWS Massey, Douglas
Improving Outcomes of Underprivileged Youth: An Analysis on the Short and Long Term Impacts of the US TRIO Program Pereira, Marcus ECO Ebdokimov, Kirill
Dopaminergic Activity Encodes and Modulates Freezing Behavior During Auditory Fear Extinction Pizano, Katherine MB Witten, ilana
Racial Inequality in Education: An Examination of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, an Academic Racial Integration Initiative Quirk, Lexi PSY Shelton, Nicole
For Control's Sake: An Experimental Study of One Model-Based Control Signature of Attention Reblando, Alexandra NEU Graziano, Michael S.
Bottle Cap or Baseball Cap: The Implications of Polysemy on Word Learning Theory Reid, Sarah PSY Goldberg, Adele
Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects of a Parenting Intervention in the Caribbean Rohira, Divya ECO Gallegos, Sebastian
How the Brain Represents Narrative Rosen, Matthew CS Hazan, Elad & Hasson, Uri
Learn Fast or Multitask Well: First Steps towards a Normative Theory of Multitasking Sagiv, Yotam CS Cohen, Jonathan D. & Niv, Yael
Static Analysis of Programming Assignment Submissions in an Introductory CS Course Salter, Joseph CS Albluwi, Ibrahim
Names, Logos, and Mascots: Native American Imagery in Professional Sports Teams, Colleges, and High Schools Seaton, Michael HIS Sandweiss, Martha
Litness Test: An Argument for Hip-Hop Music in Public Education Sgro, Anthony WWS Mann, Anastasia
How Important Are Teachers? An Econometric and Cost-Benefit Analysis Using U.S. PISA Data Snow, Raffi ECO Kapor, Adam
The Chilean Universal Voucher Program: Connections Between School Vouchers and Crime Stone, Robert ECO Gallegos Vallejos, Alvaro
Language Policy in Education in Kenya and Tanzania, A Comparative Study: How the Language of Instruction Affects the Quality of Education Tettelbach, Eli IC Lionnet, Florian
Achieving the Ultimate Goal: School-based Support Services for Pregnant and Parenting Students in the Newark Public Schools District Thomas, Jordan WWS Armstrong, Elizabeth M.
To What Extent Are Students Born Into Their SAT Score? A Study Of The Factors Which Determine SAT Achievement Thomsen, Kevin ECO Kolesar, Michal
Caged Neuromodulators: Design and Synthesis of Double-Caged Dopamine, a Novel Probe of Dopaminergic Function Weiner, David PSY Graziano, Michael S.
A History of Public K-12 Education Financing in California Wong, Nathan WWS Shapiro, Harold
Kids and Online Safety: Developing an Educational Framework Yang, Jonathan CS Chetty, Marshini
Finding a Wife: The Impact of China's One-Child Policy on the Market and Pre-Marital Educational Investments Zhang, Jenny ECO Zaidi, Iqbal

A list of undergraduate student theses from 2018 to date.