"Why Children Are Missing More School Now"

The raw data looks inarguably bad: The share of American children missing at least 10 percent of school days nearly doubled over the course of the pandemic, leaving perhaps more than six million more students “chronically…

Pyne Prize awarded to Princeton Class of 2024 members Casey Beidel and Brian Sheng-Kai Li

Princeton University seniors Casey Beidel and Brian Sheng-Kai Li are the recipients of the 2024 Moses Taylor Pyne Honor Prize, the highest general distinction conferred on an undergraduate. They will be recognized at Alumni Day on campus Saturday, Feb. 24.

Summer 2023 Research in Education Policy Internship

Increasing Opportunities for Undergraduate Research in Education Policy Among Underrepresented Students, a 7-week program with Jen Jennings was created this summer to help cultivate a racially and economically diverse research pipeline.

Activities included participation in a weekly seminar series, training in multiple research methods…

Values and Evidence in Educational Decision-Making

April 6, 2023 - ERS hosted student event, “Values and Evidence in Educational Decision-Making” featuring guest speaker, Harry Brighouse, Professor of Philosophy of Education, Professor of Philosophy, Carol Dickson-Bascom Professor of the Humanities, and Affiliate Professor of Educational Policy Studies at University of Wisconsin, Madison. …

Elevated water lead levels in schools using water from on-site wells

Only 8% of US public schools operate their own community water systems, and thus are subject to the federal Lead and Copper Rule's regulation of water lead levels (WLLs). To date, the absence of parallel water testing data for all other schools has prevented the comparison of WLLs with schools that do not face federal regulation.…

Reducing lead exposure in school water: Evidence from remediation efforts in New York City public schools

Following the Flint Water Crisis, many states passed legislation requiring schools to measure and remediate lead in school drinking water. In this study, Scott Latham and Jennifer Jennings present new evidence on the level and distribution of…

Racial Disparities in Pre-K Quality: Evidence From New York City’s Universal Pre-K Program

New York City’s universal prekindergarten (pre-K) program, which increased full-day enrollment from 19,000 to almost 70,000 children, is ambitious in both scale and implementation speed. 

Project ADVISE

The University's Education Research Section has launched Project ADVISE (Analytics and Data Visualization for International Student and Education).

UnleadED Teachers Institute

We hosted a 3-day interdisciplinary institute for 45 New Jersey middle and high school teachers...

Inaugural Education Research and Policy Internship Program

In Summer 2020, we initiated our first summer internship program, which provides undergraduates interested in education research with exposure to a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods.

Intern Jenna Shaw sitting on table smiling with her work.

Jenna Shaw '20