Education Courses

Below is a list of all education courses offered by the University.

  • (U) = Undergraduate
  • (G) = Graduate
Spring 2019
Course Name Instructor Level
The University: Its History and Purpose Moulie Vidas (U, G)
Education Psychology Mark Glat (U)
History of Testing Angela Creager (U, G)
Student Learning and Methods of Teaching Todd Kent (U)
Seminar on Education-Theory and Practice Ann Catena (U)
Microeconomics for Public Policy Marc Fleurbaey (U)
Education and Philanthropy Stanley Katz (U)
Sociological Standards of Inequality (Half-Term) Sara McLanahan (G)
Topics in Policy Analysis (Half-Term): Sociological Perspectives on Inequality Kathryn J. Edin (G)
Fall 2018
Course Name Instructor Level
Scholarly Approaches to Teaching Sara S. Schwartz (G)
Economics of the Labor Market Orley C. Ashenfelter (U)
Educational Psychology Mark Glat (U)
Sociology of Education Jennifer L. Jennings (G)
Student Learning & Methods for Teaching Todd W. Kent (U, G)
Seminar on Education-Theory and Practice Anne N. Catena (U, G)
Public Economics Elizabeth C. Bogan (U)
Education Policy in the United States Jennifer L. Jennings (U)
Domestic Policy Analysis: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Benjamin T. Jealous and Brian Trelstad (G)
Microeconomic Analysis/Domestic Policy Alexandre Mas (G)
Policy Workshop: Managing Transformational Change in K-12 Education Cecilia E. Rouse (G)
Spring 2018
Course Name Instructor Level
WWS 590C / SOC 571 Sociological Studies of Inequality(Half -Term) Marta Tienda (G)
TPP 301 Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching Todd W. Kent (U)
AMS 311 Education and Inequality Kathleen M. Nolan (U)
DAN 316 / HUM 317 / THR 328 / TPP 316 (LA) Dance in Education: Dance/Theater Pedagogy Rebecca Stenn (U)
PSY 307 Educational Psychology Mark Glat (U)