Education Courses

Below is a list of all education courses offered by the University.

  • (U) = Undergraduate
  • (G) = Graduate
Spring 2020
Course Name Instructor Level
Public Economics and Public Policy Henrik J. Kleven (G)
Social Determinants of Health Sanyu A. Mojola (G)
Sociological Studies of Inequality Jennifer L. Jennings (G)
Topics in Policy Analysis (Half-Term): Education Policy Jennifer L. Jennings (G)
Maternal and Child Health: Culture, Controversy, and Policy Elizabeth Armstrong (G)
Race and the American Legal Process: Emancipation to the Voting Rights Act Imani Perry (U)
Education and Inequality Kathleen M. Nolan (U)
Disability, Difference, and Race Laurence Ralph (U)
Dance in Education: Dance/Theater Pedagogy Rebecca Stenn (U)
Economics of Development Matteo Bobba (U)
Economic Development II Matteo Bobba, Richard Rogerson (G)
Health Economics II Janet M. Currie, Kate Ho (G)
Bilingualism Christiane Fellbaum (U)
Sign Language Linguistics Noah A. Buchholz, Masha Esipova (U)
Race and Politics in the United States LaFleur Stephens-Dougan (U)
Educational Psychology Mark Glat (U)
Gender and Society: US and Global Perspectives Sanyu Mojola (U)
50th Anniversary of Undergraduate Co-Education Project Suzanne L. Agins (U)
Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching Todd Kent and Kathleen Nolan (U)
Clinical Practice Anna Jacobson (U)
Microeconomics for Public Policy Marc Fleurbaey (U)
The Sociology of Organizations Adam Goldstein (G)
Spring 2019
Course Name Instructor Level
The University: Its History and Purpose Moulie Vidas (U, G)
Education Psychology Mark Glat (U)
History of Testing Angela Creager (U, G)