Fall 2013
Course Name Instructor
WWS 307/ECO 349 Public Economics Elizabeth Bogan
WWS 387 (WWS 324) Education Policy in the U.S Nathan B. Scovronick
AAS 334/SOC 334 Educating a New Majority Leslie E. Gerwin
Spring 2013
Course Name Instructor
LAO 200/SOC 341/LAS 336 Latinos in American Life and Culture Edward E. Telles
PSY 254 Developmental Psychology Yarrow Dunham
PSY 326 Social and Personality Development Stacy E. Lutz
ANT 368 Ethnography of Schools and Schooling Jason Klungman
AAS 407 Race, Social Inequality, and Education Angel Harris
Fall 2012
Course Name Instructor
AMS 325 Urban Education Reform Leslie E. Gerwin
Spring 2012
Course Name Instructor
SOC 240 Families Ana M. Goldani
AAS 349/HIS 465 Liberating Literacy Tera W. Hunter & Robert P. Moses
Spring 2011
Course Name Instructor
ECO 330 The Economics of Education Damon Clark
Spring 2010
Course Name Instructor
AMS ST08 Special Topics in Education Reform Leslie Gerwin